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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Re: Pre Fishing for the Derby

I'll call your cell on Thursday

Re: Pre Fishing for the Derby

On Sunday temp was 59 deg around Long Island and 57 in center harbor
Coldest temp was around diamond at 49 deg on last Sunday

Re: Pre Fishing for the Derby

Fished yesterday up around Timber, Round, 5&6 Mile....Mother Nature can be cruel with the wind sometimes. Oy fished 4 rods all day, 2 riggers at staggered depth. 2 fly lines 1 float and 1 tip sinking. We marked tons of fish, landed 5 on flys and DB Smelts with a few too many LDR's.

Water Temp was 50 most of the day and only a degree or 2 down 15'

Not a bad day just rough as hell

Good luck this weekend

KJ Louise