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Re: Salmon and rainbow help


I don't know about anyone else but I never looked at fishing as consistency. Things are always changing. Speed, bait, color depth, temp, weather, locations on and on and on it goes....I mean nothing is consistent from my experience. When it gets slow and non productive for me. I look at the chart and just start thinking out different strategy's. Try different tactics, different distances and patterns. You get better by trying to figure it out on your own.

Sure we all have learned and taken tips from others but I find you learn more when it is slow and you have to work different strategies to catch them on your own. That will make you more productive. We all start out using what we hear but when you start working at it and have some success on your own it will be more productive and satisfying.

I could be all wet but that's my take....good luck!!

Re: Salmon and rainbow help

The best advice that i received last year when i got into trolling again was to go to Aj's Bait and Tackle in Meredith. Alan is a really nice guy, and he has an enormous amount of knowledge that he is willing to share. Tell him what you are using for a set up, and he will point you in the right direction. His advice has helped me out a lot.

Other than that just keep on trying different things. I try to change out any lure that has been out for about 30 minutes unless it has been producing.

Re: Salmon and rainbow help

Yeah maybe consistent wasn't the right word to use. Thanks for the input and advice. Went out this morning and got a real nice salmon and a few rainbows, about 6 fish in total.

Re: Salmon and rainbow help

sounds pretty consistent!!!! lol!

Re: Salmon and rainbow help

That's why we call it fishing not catching. Sounds like you're doing alright too me. Here's a pic from a June charter. I worked hard for this Dad & son. We let a couple Salmon go that could of hung off the trophy board that morning. As I remember maybe 7 or 8 fish came to net that morning. They appreciated my effort. Remember, if it were easy, you probably wouldn't be doing it.
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