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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Angler's

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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Re: Mon 7/11 Winni

yup, I would slow down and go deeper on the riggers, at least you may be able to pick up lakers for some action and maybe a rare salmon.

Re: Mon 7/11 Winni

A three hour tour this afternoon produced some good Salmon fishing. 29 -31 fow behind the blades w/maynards flys. They kept two out of five brought to net for sushi back at camp in Green's Basin. Again, seeing some spectacular jumps w/only approx. 35' of line out. They rocket right to the top!!! Jump, jump, jump…….Capt. bobby
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Re: Mon 7/11 Winni

Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated. I do have a set of blades too. Will get em out and mix it up.

Re: Mon 7/11 Winni

That method can really get exciting as the fish are so close to the boat. I get as pumped up as my clients. I'm using noodle rods so the action's very exciting watching these fat Salmon jump right behind the boat. Today I had a big hookjaw male take two stacked flys off two rods. Lost it on one fly, then fought it on the other rod, loosing it at the net. My clients were releasing all fish today. Capt. Bobby

Re: Mon 7/11 Winni

Done that in past years. Having them so close is a lot of fun. Noodle rod is a good idea. Thanks again.