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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Re: Derby reports

Fished Friday & Saturday, 9 hrs each day.

Friday - Fished south eastern end of lake. Ran bait single hook each morning until approx. 10:00am. Then switched to Orange Crush & Blood & Guts flys on two rods on side planers, 3 - 4 colors 18lbs micro lead. The other two on down riggers 18' - 22', Guide special Fuzzy green/orange, the other NH Guide DB Smelt, both my tape job.

The wind really kicked my ass after 9:00am Friday. Getting back to Silver Sands was quite a task w/5 - 6 waves at NW tip of Rattlesnake island. Thank fully my Lund was up for the task.

Saturday kept the same program running. Landing a 3 YO Salmon, RV clip around 6:45am on single hook bait. Small shiner's from AJ's. My clients were pretty excited to get weighed so we headed in to check in. 4.29 lbs. Held first for most of morning. Finished that nite at awards w/4th.

Kept a steady flow of catching both days w/lots of 2 YO's. All fished released unharmed. Good to see the 2 Yo's, treat them w/kid gloves, please. Hope everyone kept safe in that wind Friday and had a good time. The Orange Crush fly And DB Smelt - NH Guide pattern were working good on my boat. Capt. Bobby

Re: Derby reports

I fished for 8 hours Saturday and 5 hours Sunday. Pretty discouraging. I landed 5 salmon Saturday, all small. Biggest one was 16". Didn't see many fish landed. Was in Paugus Bay, then around Shep Browns, then out in front of Bear island up to Black Cat island. Was fishing 2 lead core varying the depth from 3-5 colors, and two downriggers with top guns and db smelt. During the bright sun was working light colors then going darker as the sun went down. Also set firesmelt, grey ghosts, Maynard's marvels off the downriggers varying the depth between 15-25 feet. Sunday hooked and lost a big salmon coming up the weirs channel on a fly rod with a tandem grey ghost early, then lost another nice one by pinnacle point. Fished up Merideth Bay and landed one decent salmon but both days it was pretty slow fishing.

Re: Derby reports

Fished a total of 29 hours this past weekend , kicking of the dock in the dark every morning. Fished in shep Browns until it was light enough to see, caught a total of 5 salmon in Shepard throughout the weekend all small salmon 16-18 inches. Mainly trolling live bait on single hooks and sliding bait rigs, had an abundance of hits on the bait rig but the fish would just smack the shiner around and kill it but not get the hook. Catching most of our fish over deeper water (40-70ft) with about 3-4 colors of led core. Lost a good salmon on Saturday trolling the gut by timber island headed to Saunders fish jumped out of the water two or three times and the last jump had some powerful head shakes that shook the hook free. Had some luck in Saunders trolling near the witches catching 3 lake trout in a 15 minute span during mid day hot lure being the wayno top gun. Downrigger produced one hit late afternoon coming up by cattle landing back into sheps had us all crossed up with lead core lines and got a double on while tangled and managed to land both fish. Sunday proved to be slow but we picked and poked with a few salmon early morning til the live bait bite died right off and decided to bounce the bottom with suttons and large shiners looking for the lakers marked several nice fish in a hole that produced our 7.28lb laker the last derby and had some hit and spits but no takers. If plans fall into place I'll be headed to the LCI to hopefully get on some fish to make up for the poor weekend at the winni derby all in all though would lake to give a shout out to the boys scouts for really hitting it out of the park with the derby I feel they did an excellent job .