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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Angler's

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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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8/12 Report

Great day on Winni. 11 salmon including 4 over 3lbs. The rest were 17 inch cookie cutters, which is a great sign for next year. Got 3 bows including one over 4 lb and just shy of 22 inches. 4 lakers as well with one over 4 lbs. Fished 6am til noon. 4-7 colors and 20-40 feet on the rigger. Highlight was an eagle that snatched a salmon I let go right in front of us.

Re: 8/12 Report

Great day Joe!

Re: 8/12 Report

That sounds like a great day. Thank you for the report.

Re: 8/12 Report

Niiiice Joe!!
went with my wife on Friday, we had a good morning too, not as good as yours but all fish were healthy. 25-40 ft on riggers... was hot with no breeze off the water at 11

Re: 8/12 Report

Nice report Joe.

I sent you a PM on the myfishfinder site since I don't have your email.