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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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photo test

are the photos too big, or would they mess with the view of a story which would go along with them?

Re: photo test

Nice pics!!
Real nice rainbow!!

Now that photobucket is out of free pic hosting, how did you post your pics to the site?


Re: photo test


Now that PB is dead I had to switch to imgur to post pics.

Get an account load the pictures onto imgur, and once you have uploaded a "post" click on it, and go into the edit options. Once in there you should see options on the right side. Select the "huge thumbnail" size, and then copy the BB code. Paste that into a post here, and it should work.

You can upload pics to Imgur from your iPhone, but not to the site. You need a windows based phone or laptop to go through th editing process I mentioned.

Re: photo test

Got it!

Re: photo test

I love the pics Swiggle's. I'll be switching, haven't been able to show pics for some time. Capt. Bobby