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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Angler's

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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Week on Winni

Spent the last week on Winni fishing every morning for 4 to 5 hrs.Fished at Diamond and
Black Point.Caught Salmon everyday with the biggest at 20".Lot of them between 16-17.
8 Lakers with two at 3lbs.5 Bows the biggest at 15". 4 Rock Bass also were caught on lead with a Wonderbread.Anybody else catching RB?.Enough fish to keep everyone happy,
but no really big fish.We had an Eagle take a runt Salmon off the water about 15 ft
behind the boat which provided a thrill for visiting family.Lost my first DR ball due
to a malfunctioning DR.Riggers at 45' to 60'.Lead at 6 to 7 colors. Pulling hardware
with orange/gold/gold,neon being good producers.Going to have to start fishing with
flys more if I am going to keep up.
In regards to jigging boxes, I just purchased one from a fellow in Mass who makes them.
It took about 3mos to get it.When I met with him,he said that he was going to talk with
AJ about possibly selling them through him.

Re: Week on Winni

how much did he charge you for the jig box any pics of it and details. I'm looking for one also.thank you

Re: Week on Winni

He charged me 350.00. It does not come with the rod holder.It's a nice box with
a heavy duty power cord and plug.

Re: Week on Winni


Re: Week on Winni

I got referred to him by Pete Grosso of Dr.Hook Charters. Go on his facebook page and it will have a photo of his boat showing two jigging machines.They are very similar
to what I have.Call Pete and tell him what you want.He hopefully will take your name
and number and give it to the fellow and he will call you. If that doesn't workout let
me know.