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Week on Winni

Spent the last week on Winni fishing every morning for 4 to 5 hrs.Fished at Diamond and
Black Point.Caught Salmon everyday with the biggest at 20".Lot of them between 16-17.
8 Lakers with two at 3lbs.5 Bows the biggest at 15". 4 Rock Bass also were caught on lead with a Wonderbread.Anybody else catching RB?.Enough fish to keep everyone happy,
but no really big fish.We had an Eagle take a runt Salmon off the water about 15 ft
behind the boat which provided a thrill for visiting family.Lost my first DR ball due
to a malfunctioning DR.Riggers at 45' to 60'.Lead at 6 to 7 colors. Pulling hardware
with orange/gold/gold,neon being good producers.Going to have to start fishing with
flys more if I am going to keep up.
In regards to jigging boxes, I just purchased one from a fellow in Mass who makes them.
It took about 3mos to get it.When I met with him,he said that he was going to talk with
AJ about possibly selling them through him.

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