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Re: this site- Monday - Tuesday

Forry, it isn't what it used to be. I haven't fished for two months. Work has me doing crazy hours.

Re: this site

i still post here, just not as much. myfishfinder is in steady decline as well, not like it used to be. most here know im on sebago now and while quantity is up, the quality salmon is way down. the laker fishing is up, but i hate catching those, not happy with whats happening there

Re: this site

Sorry Forry for not posting a lot. My full-time NH state job and chartering's like a full-time job. Salmon fishing's great on Winni. Over 12 in the net on this mornings charter, 5:30am - 9:45am, then back to dock to fillet. Dad, Mom & daughter kept 3. 6 YO & 2 2YO's. 6YO was 5 1/2lbs. Can't post pics here :-( Gotta find a new way. You know I love posting pics. They released another 5 lber!!!

All my fish are being caught 27' - 35' depending on daylight. 63 degrees at 40' down ;-) Get out there and get some. 3YO's & 4YO's are just about nonexistent ;-( But them 2YO's are fat and full of fight. You can see some good pics on my FB page, Robert Wyatt and Wyatt's Flys charter page. Some one help me w/posting pics on here please. Photo bucket doesn't work anymore ;-( Capt. Bobby

Re: this site

Zwiggles did a post a couple of threads down. Follow his instructions, it works. I had pics lined up to post, previewed it and they were there. Igmur i believe is the host he used

Re: this site

If you want to send me the pics I can post em if you'd like. If not ilucas is right about imgur, and the instructions a few threads back under "photo test".

Re: this site

only been out a few times this year on Sebago haven't caught a sal over 16 in this summer and the touge bite has been off as well cant get the boat to troll down under 2 miles this year maybe I should bring out a set a buckets next trip out been running hardware and flies live bait didn't do much for me this tear I didn't by my nh license this year had to cut some cost I missed the weekend stay on Winnie for the derby this year