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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Angler's

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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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September on Winni

Get out on Winni this month and enjoy this beautiful lake of ours. There's plenty of access, not like some of our other famous lakes. We're finding fish in all our regular spots, mid lake to the southern most basin. I'm liking flys in yellow, red, orange w/plenty of krystal flash in orange, pearl, silver. Finding Salmon & Bows biting 27' - 35' down in the water column. Remember, these fish are eating heavy one day, thinking of reproducing the next day. It's that time of year. Go get em!!!!
Capt. Bobby

Re: September on Winni

Rainbows are extremely robust this year. We lost a beautiful 5 lbs plus male on last Friday mornings charter. The client saw it at the net an said "I was releasing that one any way". He'd already released several heavy Salmon.
Capt. Bobby

Re: September on Winni

Great post. Thank you for the info. I'm looking forward to a much quieter lake!

Re: September on Winni

OK, you convinced me- I am taking Friday off and launching out of Alton. Wish me luck!

Re: September on Winni

Go right out to the basin ;-) you most likely won't be alone. Capt. Bobby