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Re: FS: Lowrance LMS 335-C DF and Lowrance Structurescan HD Module

you know the old saying about assumptions, right... well, you just made yourself into a big one. everything in that post is an assumption, and unfortunately for you, none of it is correct.

what I said is the truth, whether you choose to believe it or not doesn't matter to me in the least. it's really unfortunate that you've jumped to all these conclusions the way you have. then you take it to a personal level on top of that, and with such vitriol. what grown man acts in such a way? there's really no need, and frankly, there's no place here for such juvenile and adolescent behavior. people don't come on this site to be heckled by people like you, they come on here to talk about fishing.

for years I've watched you on this site (as well as several other forums) get into squabbles with other members. you get banned from sites for a while, then you come back. you behave for a short time and then eventually you go back to your typical forry ways and get yourself banned yet again. I've been witness to this behavior of yours for several years now, so it's most certainly a recurring theme for you. maybe it's time for a change forry. maybe you just have some sort of deep seeded desire for conflict? I don't know.. maybe this type of behavior only happens when you're off your meds? I suppose that's possible.. or, maybe the answer is really simple... the one I outlined in my first sentence.

truth is, I honestly feel bad for you, I truly do. I'll say a prayer for you forry. i'll pray that you find the help you need to better your mental state, and in turn, better your life, and the lives of those around you.

Re: FS: Lowrance LMS 335-C DF and Lowrance Structurescan HD Module

Yeah, I guess your right. must be my meds. You must feel pretty proud of yourself picking on an old man who has gone off his meds. DA DA Have a Goo Good one.

Re: FS: Lowrance LMS 335-C DF and Lowrance Structurescan HD Module

so you fly off the handle, make all sorts of wild assumptions and accusations, post vindictive posts, send me the same spiteful rhetoric in ebay messages, and essentially call me a liar on a public forum... yet somehow, you're the victim, an old man getting picked on. ok.. the fact is, you got called out. and it didn't go too well for you.

i would suggest spending more time trolling the lakes instead of internet forums. it will make you a happier person and a better fisherman. promise.

that's all i care to say to you. good luck. i'm out.

Re: FS: Lowrance LMS 335-C DF and Lowrance Structurescan HD Module

I never said you where a liar, although I could have. You didn't even have the manhood to just come out and tell me that you thought you could get more than I offered on ebay. which is your prerogative. Your were the one that was called out not me. Mr. Blowhunter Oh I am sorry Bowhunter.
The odds are although you said you were out in your last reply you probably wont be. because of you being a kid you have to have the last word. NOW I AM OUT.