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Re: Last Chance Tomorrow, Who's Going?

well, tomorrow is it. last day. last chance to catch some salmon for this year. the weather isn't supposed to be too great, but we're going anyway. not sure where we're going to fish, but i think we'll just pick a spot tomorrow when we get there. who else is going?

See you out there Bowhunter!!

Re: Last Chance Tomorrow, Who's Going?

Be otw tomorrow. Good luck to all, hope you get some good ones!! Capt. Bobby

Re: Last Chance Tomorrow, Who's Going?

I had planed on going but seems so the grandson would sooner take a girl to the school dance tonight then spend the day fishing with his gran dad ( smart kid ) some day maybe he:ll return to fishing

Re: Last Chance Tomorrow, Who's Going?

hit the weirs area on saturday. didn't catch a ton, but managed a few fish. 3 lakers and a fat 20" salmon. we definitely had to work for em though. weather was pretty crappy but we were prepared, as was the boat. nice and warm and dry in there. overall we had a great season, even though i got a late start (july). i had sold my boat back in march so i was boatless for a while, then bought the new rig in june, so i missed all of april and may. also had rotator cuff surgery in june so i missed all of that month plus a couple weeks of july. so we had roughly 10 weekends/trips in total this year. still managed to catch some good fish, and in good numbers too. lots of bigger salmon this year. best of all, we had a great time every trip. i'd look forward to it all week long at work, waiting for saturday to hit the lake. took all the fishing gear out of the boat yesterday. we may take a foliage cruise in the coming weeks, but otherwise that's it. time to put her to bed. on to bowhunting!