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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Re: Spending the week on winni

The fishing has been great this week, but the weather has done a full 180. Cooler, windy, and I think it may scatter th fish. We had water temps over 75 in the surface in some spots before the front moved in, and I would suspect that to dramatically change.

We got salmon pretty much each morning and afternoon. We have landed a few nice males over 20”, and one of them had a gnarly kype, and beautiful colors. They have mostly come on lead core 4-7 colors down with about half the salmon on the riggers. The rainbows have been elusive with only two in the boat, and we have gotten lakers in their usual haunts this time of year.

Leadcore has been exclusively catching with small single flies. Hardware has only produced on the riggers, and mostly at 52’ down, but it has been scattered for the dr’s. All the dr action early was accompanied by an in line or horizontal flasher, but with the weather change they flashers/blades seems to be less effective.

Hopefully this helps some of you who are going out tomorrow/tonight. It’s been an awesome week for us. We have caught a lot of quality fish, and have had awesome weather. I may post some pics when i get back home and can use my pc.

Good luck for those who go out tomorrow!

Way to go Zwig!

Yep, the Kypes and colors of salmon are always in full bloom this time of year as they get into their pre-spawn mode.

You had a great year! Congrats!