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Re: End of season?

if you are fishing for trout and salmon you are in the wrong. been fishing a dozen years or so intensely on sebago and the lake trout season is open all year now. its pretty difficult to not catch a salmon while fishing for togue this time of year, would be the same white perch fishing this time of year on winnie and not catch a salmon. not sure how a warden would do in that situation. as an example on sebago, right now im catching alot if togue from 12 to 20 feet down fishing, get this, nymphs, wooly worms, small bonefish gotchas, and tiny clousers. and the salmon are right there in the warm water with them, same areas as a white perch would be on other lakes. it actually amazes me winni is not shut down this time of year completely with the fall feeding frenzy thats happening right now. it was an eye opener for me when they changed the law for sebago togue, the fall bait balls errupting on the surface, the diving gulls, saw 29 loons grouped up over a bait ball feeding together last weekend, you never see that. everything is gorging right now