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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Re: 5 flies

Wood Duck Heron Spey
Jack Ass
White Perch
Mickey Maynard

That's for Winni last few seasons. Every year's a little different. chartreuse was good too me last year. Capt. bobby

Re: 5 flies

Bobby got a pic of the Jack ass? I have several but none that I can troll.LOL

Re: 5 flies

there's one on home page of

Re: 5 flies

OK I’ll play....

#1. Wood Duck Heron Fly orange in spring, olive in summer and fall
#2. Blood & Guts
#3. Bronze Mallard
#4. Maynard’s Marvel
#5. White Perch Fly


Re: 5 flies

Thanks Dan good choices!

Re: 5 flies

My top flies for 2017 were 1. Blood & Guts
2. Wood Duck Herron (Olive, Copper, Orange & White, Listed best to worse).
3. Pumpkin Head
4. Maynard Marval
5. Lil Richard (courtesy Fish Rod!)