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Re: More good news

That IS good news. Am I correct in assuming these were “new” spoons, and do they seem to have the same finish/feel as the old ones?
just picked up a dozen of the 61 c&s, hopefully that lasts a long time

Re: More good news

They look good I can't attest to the durability yet.

Re: More good news

Awesome. The last time I called I did not receive a good response, and I had kind of given up on them. The “replacements” are garbage. I have two very old (to me) sutton heavies that my dad had, and they still look great.

Do you guys have any recommendation on sizes, color combo, and weight (heavy/flutter)? They were so hard to come by recently I have very little experience using them.

Re: More good news

Side by side with old ones I have looked good (didn't weight them). As far what works best each color can have it's day just like any other bait, I found the lady very helpful and pleasant.

Re: More good news

you definitely want to talk to the lady to place an order, i called twice and the second experience was better