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Re: Cut2Spec

i believe paul changed jobs and doesnt have much desk time to assemble his stuff like he used to. maybe someone has his email because he probably still has the parts. the ski jigger would work on a mast, it does not pull hard at all, its easier to handline it in though for resetting. works best at a 2.2 mph clip or faster with a wire setup or a 3 color lead setup with backing.

Re: Cut2Spec

I have a pair that I don't use anymore. I'm getting out of fishing so much. These have 2 sets of propellers for each, slow and fast speed. They work great for streamers but I mostly troll bait anymore (sewed smelt ) v They work best like someone said at 2.2 mph or more. I troll bait at .8 to 1.2 mph which isn't fast enough to make the propellers turn.
I'd part with them for $200 plus cost of shipping.