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Re: Looking to buy Planer set up and a few questions on them

little advice on running those off shores with shower clips. I've lost probably close to a dozen because shower rings pop open or you forget to close them right. I switched my off shore and big Scotty clips to small snap caribiner clips.
Haven't lost one since. At the price of the release, you don't need to have to buy them twice. I got a bunch of carribiner clips on ebay.

Re: Looking to buy Planer set up and a few questions on them

Hi Nhdeadhead,

First off I'm no expert. :-) But you have been given some great advise.

I run a Riviera mast mounted on my bow. I do believe they make a mount for a seat post Model # DPM-KSAbut please confirm that with them.

I decided to bow mount mine as that was what I had seen on other boats I fished on. The reason being you want it to be as high as you can get it to easily run multiple lines away from the boat as mentioned in other replies. It only takes four thumb screws to detach it from the base on the bow.

I connect the lines to otter boats which I again purchased because I had seen them used on other boats including several guides. They are bulky but the trade off is they handle rough water well.

The offshore yellow clips are the way to go.

As for jigging boxes I presently don't have any. However I did have the privilege of fishing on the late John Sampson's boat and he ran the G2 jiggers on his downriggers, straight jig boxes on the gunwales and custom made G2 jiggers attached to his otter boats planning boards. At that time he was fishing flies exclusively.

I hope this helps.


Re: Looking to buy Planer set up and a few questions on them

i've never run in-line boards so i can't speak to them. but the big boards run on a mast work extremely well. if you need something that stows easily, get some collapsible dual planer boards. riviera makes some, and i think fish307 sells their own brand, maybe $50 each or so.

Re: Looking to buy Planer set up and a few questions on them

i would be looking at the automatic spring loaded riviera reels, cant say how many times ive run over slack planer line on a windy day as the boat spins around and my net man is steering the boat. thats one thing i saw on john sampsons boat that i really wanted