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Re: Thoughts on Downriggers and positive ion control.

Most important consideration's your boat wired correctly. Faulty wired boat will send fish the other way. Remember that if you're not catching. Capt. Bobby

Re: Thoughts on Downriggers and positive ion control.


Re: Thoughts on Downriggers and positive ion control.

Pro-Troll Downrigger Fishing Techniques explains it fairly well. I'm a master carpenter, so never was very excited about electronics. But sure know that when your boats wired right, the positive ions attract fish. The book explains how to check w/volt meter. Get the book. Cabbalas has them, cheap. Capt. Bobby

Re: Thoughts on Downriggers and positive ion control.

Thanks Guys for the great replies!

I'm hoping the Gray Ghost chimes in here also. He seems to have an extensive engineering background.
Considering his past posts running cameras on his DR's and his extensive write ups on trolling LC.

Mike, you made excellent points as did Dan & Capt Bobby. Its hard to tell because catch rates vary from day to day as best lures, depths, speeds all change and have as much or more important than PIC.

I brought this topic up because I'm adding manual DR's and didn't think that PIC would be a consideration.
However I was wrong and think I may have a better understanding now after some research.

Whether you are using electric or manual down riggers the electrical fields are still present due to electrolysis / galvanic reaction caused by dissimilar metals in water. With the aluminum boat hull, stainless steel cables on the DR and the lead DR ball. The key I think is isolation between them.

The only way I'll know for sure is to hook up a voltmeter and test it. Then after taking measurements would I consider maybe adding a blackbox. Or maybe adding a snubber from the cable to the DR ball.

Some additional info.

Sigh whatever happened to tossing out just a worm & bobber? :-)