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Re: Swim ladder on Aluminum Boat?

when I had my 16 foot lund, I tried two different swim ladders that were not bolted to the transom. While both helped a little for getting in the boat, I didn't like either. The problem being that they floated away from the boat and just never felt stable. My current boat has a built in ladder and it is so much better for getting on and off the boat. The Lund on board ladder doesn't bolt to the bolts horizontally on the back deck. Maybe you can find an option like that for a perminant ladder that bolts to your rear casting deck and doesn't void your warrenty.

Re: Swim ladder on Aluminum Boat?

I had one one my 17 1/2 starcraft on the bow I'll try and find pic and E-mail it to you.

Re: Swim ladder on Aluminum Boat?

Mine is welded on. It swings up and locks in place out of the water.



Re: Swim ladder on Aluminum Boat?

I like the looks/installation of that ladder Sully! I never thought of having it welded on that is a great idea/solution to my problem. Did that come stock on your boat or did you purchase it aftermarket?

Re: Swim ladder on Aluminum Boat?

That was an option when I ordered the boat. However it wasn't already installed and the dealer had the boat on the lot and picked up the swim platform / ladder from the manufacturer Hewescraft and had it welded on for me.

I can't argue with logic your wife is right. If you're fishing by yourself and you take an unplanned swim how do you get back in the boat? When the water is 35*, you don't have much time.

You can do a search online to see your best option for a pre-made or custom swim platform / ladder and find a good local aluminum welder to install it for you. Just a heads up get more than one step up. Pulling my fat ar$e up out of the water ain't easy. I'm considering having a second step added.

Re: Swim ladder on Aluminum Boat?

check this one out. It's intended to be hung over a gunwale, has a support handle and can be stored when not using.

Re: Swim ladder on Aluminum Boat?

Need the link Bill.

Re: Swim ladder on Aluminum Boat?

Don't you get it? She is giving you the go ahead for a new i mean family boat!! Bigger, wider (4downriggers), faster, hard top or bimini, molded swim platform with ladder...the perfect family boat!!!