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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Re: open water reports

not looking good JG.

The webcams around the lake show that there is trollable (not much) water in front of Weirs (if you put in at the marinaon the chanel for $20). I would bet Wolfboro is trollable in front of the river but there is no active camera in the area. Last picture I saw at Alton Bay showed water had just gotten to the bandstand (not worth the drive up there) but that picture was taken on Monday.

I have tomorrow off and was really hoping to splash the boat. Tried to remain hopeful all week that something special would happen but I think I may just dust off the golf clubs...

Re: open water reports

Going up tomorrow, hoping to do some dock hopping in between celebrating my wife's birthday. Prob fish for a couple hours first thing Saturday as well. Canoe might make sense...

Re: open water reports

I guess the golf clubs might get used before the boat, trailer is getting a new axle and then wait for the big thaw!

Re: open water reports

Does anyone know the status of Winnisquam? Usually opens up on the Lakeport end before winni does.

Re: open water reports

I was hoping to splash the boat at Alton Bay tomorrow morning but have no visibility since they took the webcam down and last picture I saw posted showed ice only out to the gazebo....anyone have any AB updates for where the ice is???

Re: open water reports

Winnisquam is very open. Very little current in the river so the public launch will be easy.

Re: open water reports

Heard of couple 24" Landlocked at the dam on Opechee earlier this week. Capt. Bobby

Re: open water reports

for the past few years I have been considering putting in at Opechee and fishing that. Just never seem to pull the trigger because nobody ever talks about it.

Since Friday was a bust for Winni, I did hit a stocked lake on Saturday with my son for bows/browns. Decent amount of boats for that sized water...maybe 15-20 trolling. Boated 5 bows and a brown but all very small (just larger than the topguns they were hitting).

Buddy drove by Alton Bay Friday and reported is still at the gazebo. I do see open water now streching from Pine to Bear on the webcams. All ice looks gray and slushy and I agree with suggestings that todays wind and rain should open things nicely for next weekend. Would not be suprised if Emerson is flying this week to declare ice out...could happen as soon as tomorrow. There should at the very least be fishable water early in the week.

Caution: even on the small lake I was on yesterday...there was a fair amount of floating debris left over from ice fishing season including a wooden pallet. Early season on Winni brings lots of damaging debris that can not be seen in the dark. Be careful when on plane during the next week or two.

Re: open water reports

Thanks for the report! Hoping to get some lines wet next weekend, awesome that you got to get a few in this weekend although I hope it wasn’t today. I went to the stream by my house and was uncomfortable just standing next to the river.