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Re: Fishing reports?

I was out today from 530 until about 1030. We got one smallmouth which had some size to it, and maybe one or two other strikes. Water was 45-50 degrees. The fish seemed scattered. Didn’t see anyone else with much going on.

Still very nice to be out and at it again.

Re: Fishing reports?

0530-1100, 3-4 2on spoons1 on fly.

Re: Fishing reports?


i have a fish hawk x4, the non-bluetooth one. i like it a lot.. comes in extremely handy later in the season when the thermocline sets up. knowing the temp at different depths is extremely useful data. trolling speed at the ball vs boat speed is also very good to know as well. this time of year when they're on top somewhat, i don't use it much. but later on, absolutely.

Re: Fishing reports?

3 for 4 was a good day. I tried live bait and couldn't get one in the boat. Probably had 8 or 10 on but as soon as they saw the net a good head shake and they were off. By the time I went to flys the bite was over. Will see what next weekend brings.Maybe try a different approach.

Re: Fishing reports?

Thanks Skinnywater & Bowhunter for the replies! On the wish list.

Re: Fishing reports?

you're welcome. they're expensive, but definitely a valuable piece of equipment. they come up for sale on lou sometimes, usually run about $400 used, but they sell really quick!