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Re: Set up for trolling live smelt and shiners

I use Paul\\\'s single hook sliding bait rigs and find they work great!

Agree with Dan and I\'ve found Paul to be a helluva nice guy in the many dealings over several years that I\'ve had with him.
Sorry if I gave the wrong impression about Paul. My buddy was trying to place a phone order with him and he was kind of cranky. Maybe an off day I dunno. So that was second hand info. I've actually never met the man. And I have been buying his lures and rigs for years now. Clearly I gave his products a positive recommendation here.

Well, maybe his dawg died that day or something worse?
I'm accepting your apology and letting you know that I've personally known Paul for 10 years, maybe more?
I'm chronologically challenged!
He's a busy guy and he very well could have been outside working on one of his other ventures.

FWIW, I wouldn't put negative comments about a vendor on a public forum, based solely on second hand info!

Re: Set up for trolling live smelt and shiners

And on this topic I came across another company / website that sells lures and rigs. I haven't purchased any yet but thought I would let everyone know about it. They look real nice. Just my .02