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Looking for info on where people are catching on Winni? How many colors on lead and what color/type lures? Thank you.

Re: catching?

been getting bites all over the water column lately. 6-12 ft on the riggers, or 1.5-3 colors of leadcore. and also down into the 20s and 30-35. they seem to be all over the place. bright flashy colors on sunny days, darker more subdued colors on cloudy days. been fishing around rattlesnake, diamond, welch, lockes, gov. island, and the weirs/meredith areas lately.

Re: catching?

Got a bunch of fish in the weirs on Sunday but it was in the middle of the day and the boat waves were pretty brutal. Only fished for two hours but caught two salmon and a laker. Water temp at the surface was 65, and saw a lot of fish in 15-25, but caught the salmon at 21. It was sunny so used orange red copper top guns