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Downrigger Question

How far back do you run your lures, flies or bait back from your downrigger balls? Thanks in advance.

Re: Downrigger Question

If I am running an attractor on the ball - 10-20 feet behind the ball. If no attractor 30-40 feet

Re: Downrigger Question

A good rule of thumb is the “100’ rule”.... if your 30’ down go back 70’, if your 40’ down go back 60’, etc, etc. This would be for a straight static line only, no blades or attractors.


Re: Downrigger Question

It's been all over the place for us. One day 50' working, next 70' and so on. Yesterday was 80' - 100' in back of ball. 30' down before sun rose over horizon. Anywhere down to 38' when the bright sun hit the water. Caught them all yesterday. LL Salmon, Rainbows and lakers. Just get out and fish!!! Capt. Bobby
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Re: Downrigger Question

Thanks guys replies are very much appreciated!

tight lines.