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7/15 report

Fished out of Alton this AM under hazy skies which yielded to a beautiful day. Got a small rainbow at 6am. 35’ on the rigger ball with a horizontal flasher, and a top gun. I don’t think it would have been a legal fish. That was it for the day trolling.

We saw massive sweeps, and dorsal fins on the surface all morning until it chopped up. I imagine this had something to do with the bites. So we marked some spots for jigging, and attempt d to jog only to find a dead ipilot controller so we drifted over the spots and attempted to jig. Had a few hits, but nothing hooked up. We also never really marked stacks of fish like we will in a few weeks.

We tried all depths, and lure combos. Even casted flies to them when we where jigging. Nada. Not complaingin however, the boat ran good and it was beautiful out.

Appreciate everyone’s recent reports. Didn’t help us much today but gave us an idea of stuff to try.

Re: 7/15 report

The fish were every where for us last Saturday. We caught fish early at 28'. Only problem was fish must of fed early, 4:15am!!! we didn't start until 5:30am. We lost couple fat Salmon right at the net, barely hooked. Caught and released small Bows & Lakers. Blood & Guts flys worked the best. Small YOY smelt were being puked up.
Later in the morning they were hitting flys a tad better, but not much. Fish were falling off in the net. My crew kept a couple for the Mom & Dad back at camp. Capt. Bob