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Re: how to post pictures?

I know a bit of their history, but unfortunately not much detail on how it was caught.

My grandfather grew up on the lake, and me killilea was an insurance salesman from MA who vacationed up on pleasant lake. I would imagine that your probably not wrong about the clothes and going to church. It was just down the street from his house, and the lake. It was also caught on a Sunday. Who knows maybe it was before church.

I don’t know 100% for sure, but I have been told it was caught on the same shore as the other state record fish. It’s a small point with a ton of submerged rocks, and structure right off shore.

My grandmother recently passed, and I am hoping we find a photo of the other state record fish from pleasant. The other fish would have been caught when my grandfather was in WW2, but to me this postcard looks like something he picked up at the local store and kept as a momento. I have tones of pics of Brooke’s and “square tails” he used to catch as well. Also one of him with a giant coho salmon down in the sea coast from Newmarket. I never really had an opportunity to know the man, but it’s neat we both shared a love of fishing for trout and salmon.