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Last Couple Days

Been fishing the Weirs-Meredith the last couple of Mornings. One morning from 4:00-7:00 AM with nothing but a smallie. Then Tuesday and today with two rainbows each day and a white perch and a smallmouth from 6:30 to 9:00 AM (Can’t get the rest of crew to get up earlier on vacation). Rainbows have come on riggers with flashers and a top gun close to the ball (1), mini-mooselookes in copper/silver (3) 50-100 ft back off the ball. 25-35’ depth took all bites. Have run higher and lower without bites. My lead cores are typically productive, but no bites on top guns and flies on the lead. Cannot get a bite on the flies this year. I come up once a year for the week and have loved reading the posts on this site all year long. Though the post seem to be far and few between lately. Hoping to get a Salmon/Laker before leaving Saturday. Hopefully will provide some additional reports the next couple of days!

Re: Last Couple Days

I have been fishing the same area M_T_W Monday I managed a salmon and rainbow at 33 feet on copper colors. Tuesday a small bass and Wednesday weeds. Zip on lead core and flies

Re: Last Couple Days

Caught a few more small mouth in the same area the last couple days. Hook ups from 20-40 feet deep in 50-100 FOW. Can’t seem to find the Salmon/Trout, but nothing is rather be doing. May have one more afternoon fishing session depending on thunder/lightning this aft. It been another great week on Winni.