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8/5 report

Fished out of Alton Sunday from 530-10 ish. The bite was hot at first. Got a nice 15” now which had a gut on it like a sumo, and a very nice salmo just under 22”. Both came on lead before 7am. I also had an LDR on what felt like another high quality salmon, but it just kept pulling lead out until it finally popped off.

Both fish were filled with yoy smelt, and the salmon was also full of old old old corn kernels. I have zero idea why people chum with corn. This had been there a long time, and only the skins were left which they clearly can’t digest. I was still surprised to find around a hundred baby smelt in there with the 500+ kernels.

The bite died hard at 7am. Had a few short strikes between 7-730 and after that we only managed one more laker jigging lead core.

The Alton launch was a joke when we left. People are not smart. Still nice to be out, and no skunk so it was a great day.

Re: 8/5 report

Just ended a run of five charters in the last four days. Two charters western side mid lake were decent. The first charter saturday morning produced some nice 3YO Landlocks and one nice Bow.
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All my biter coming from 35' - 40' down. AJ's Top Guns, Pearl, orange, lines&dots. Go see him, he'll set you up. Running these on DR's. Long lines/Leadcore been all flys, Blood&Guts, Olive/Pearl/Reddish Spey fly.
I'm calling it tough fishing, even though I've been scoring some good ones, I feel we should be putting more fish in the net. Short strikers killing me......

Re: 8/5 report

Fishing over Wolfboro's been hot & cold last three days. Kind of same results w/more big fish Saturday & Sunday. Lots of Bows today w/no trophies:-(
Running the same program, Top Guns on Dr's 35' - 40' down, varying set back constantly. Fishing the flys on the long lines same depth. I fish my lead core w/only 4 colors of 18 Micro lead. So I won't throw any numbers out there to confuse folks who still fish all 10 colors of lead. My flys are in that same depth zone as riggers.

Re: 8/5 report

Sounds about right. I was kind of surprised to see the south part of the lake hasn’t really heated up yet. This time last year we were seeing a lot more fish down around 50 in the Deep South basin. When I ran the fishhawk last weekend the thermocline was definitely around 30-35’.

We also saw some lakers stacked up early there down deep, but by 9 they were gone. Hopefully the fishing keeps picking up over the next month.

Re: 8/5 report

I had a tough go of it last Saturday. Only Bass & WP came to my net fishing am. Hoping the hot bite's late this year. We'll see....

Re: 8/5 report

I know there's beauties down there!!