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Re: Holy Bows

i usually fish the gilford area. lockes, welch, diamond, broads, rattlesnake. been catching them all over that area, and that's a big area! i fished the weirs and meredith a few times this year and don't recall landing any over that way. i bet we caught half a dozen of em yesterday down by diamond/rattlesnake.

Re: Holy Bows

Last year around this time caught some on leadcore around the areas you mentioned.
Not good.

Re: Holy Bows

I have caught a lot on that area bow hunter. Unfortunately it’s usually to far away from the eagle for him to see them.... they do suck, but We’re stuck with them now. Interestingly enough a lot of places in Canada have rock bass, and smallmouth that do well together. Hopefully they balance out here too.

Re: Holy Bows

Slit their gills through them overboard the gulls or eagles will find em!!!

Re: Holy Bows

every one we've ever caught has been graciously donated to the bald eagle breakfast buffet.