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Downrigger misses

Inexplicably, had 5 missed hits on downriggers while fishing out of Gilford area last week (did net 1 20” rainbow). Strong hits released line from downrigger, but missed fish. Ocurred with both streamers & Top Guns. Suggestions?

Re: Downrigger misses

Check your hook points. The male salmon are getting their kypes going, and this time of year my hooks start to take a lot of abuse. Usually for me it’s because my hook points are out of alignment, or dull. Keep me nice and sticky and I bet you drop less fish.

Doesn’t sound like you were having issues with quick strikes, and drops if they were hitting it hard.

Re: Downrigger misses

Thanks Zwiggles. Sounds like a reasonable explanation. I will sharpen things up.

Re: Downrigger misses

Landlocks are short strikers most of the time, unless you hit them when they're actively feeding. They went off the metal bite for us well over a month ago. Just keep fishing, there's still plenty of silver fish willing to bite. Or, should I say, nip :-( Captain Bobby!!!

Re: Downrigger misses

this time of year i fish a little more aggressively, pick the boat speed up a little, drag is set tighter, and up one size on the leader. copper and stainless long line is working better for me over the down riggers right now which adds stiffer rods as well. i fish sebago and that may play differently