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Bragging pics

I'm not looking for spots to fish. I'm looking for some of your bragging pics!!! That's why Matty an myself keep paying for this site. Capt. Bobby

Re: Bragging pics

i've got some but posting pics on this site has proven to be a rather difficult task.

Re: Bragging pics

upload photo
click choose
click hotlink for website
paste on your message
windows screenshot

Capt. Bobby

Re: Bragging pics

Oh yeah, that's a 8 1/2 lbs Squam male Landlocked salmon. A brute!!!!!

Re: Bragging pics

Was that caught this year?

Re: Bragging pics

That was at least over 8 years ago......that was John Sampson second to last bost he owned.

Re: Bragging pics

From this week:






Re: Bragging pics

Your right, fished a lot w/John. That was one of several fish caught on "The Barg" that Sunday morning. I landed a nice 8 1/4 lbs female that day at 11:00am. Had a whooping Bow also. Got lots of memories of Big John.
Capt. Bobby

Re: Bragging pics

Forry, that was w/Big John several years ago. You caught some good Landlocks that season as well. You've a NH Trophy patch to prove it, right? I had a few worthy, but didn't apply for patch. I guess mine are just another fish story ;-) Capt. Bobby