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Fish at surface

Thursday, fishing out of Gilford, was surprised to see multiple fish at surface midafternoon (water surface temp 65, sunny, minimum wind). Groups of 2-10 fishmaking noticeable swirls on surface & when approached by kayak. Fish were large, 15+ & not bait. No insect life observed in air or on water. Could not catch any. What was going on?

Re: Fish at surface

We were fishing staying in the same area, I wonder if you saw us out in a red tracker 19’ deep v?

I also observed the same exact thing. I am 100% convinced they were feeding on a hatch. I have seen this all over the lake, and in much warmer water conditions throughout the year.

I believe they are almost all salmon and rainbows. I haven’t hooked one yet, but I have had a few follow my lure into the boat when casting at the front of the boat while we are trolling. The bite usually does real quick when this happens, and I have yet to find an effective trolling presentation to get them to hook up.

Here is one we saw on Wednesday in Gilford.


Re: Fish at surface

Zwiggles. Did not notice your boat, sorry. My kayak probably easier to spot as I am typically the only kayak fisherman in the area (gray camo yak with MS registration & downriggers). The caddis hatch is possible as you saw 1 in the area but they certainly were not noticeable out on the water. And it was calm at times Thursday afternoon. End of the NH expeditions for me - now the focus turns to MA trout ponds. Regards.