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Help Winni's LL Salmon 2019


As many of you may or may not be aware, a number of us dedicated Winnipesaukee anglers have been meeting with and working behind the scenes with NHF&G to help with some of the issues regarding missing age classes of salmon in Lake Winnipesaukee.
Without getting into all the particulars, one of the questions we raised to Fish and Game is what we as anglers can do to help them and help the lake regain these missing age classes…

In meeting with and speaking to their biologist, the biggest help we can do is supply them with information on our daily catch. In an effort to help with this, attached please find a very simple log sheet we have come up with to help F&G biologist determine the health of the fishery. The information requested on the log sheet is the only information they need for help. Also attached is an example of how the log should be filled out.

For those wishing to take part and help out with this important endeavor, please note the following…

#1. Only harvested fish are to be measured. Please do not attempt to measure any fish you plan on releasing.

#2. For those fish harvested and being measured, it is very critical to the biologist that proper measurements are taken as follows… with closed snout against “0” mark and longest caudal lobe (tail fin edge) being the total length – no “fisherman’s ruler” or “guesstimates”. Any measurements not done this way will be counterproductive.

#3. Please do not attempt to age class any salmon by fin clip. This information is not needed.

#4. If you would like further updates on this issue after the season is closed, please print your name and email address on the bottom of the log sheet. Please note that this is completely optional and not required for the survey.

Please email your completed sheets at the end of the season to winniangler1@gmail.com

/Users/robertwyatt/Downloads/Fw_ Log

Re: Help Winni's LL Salmon 2019

Thanks for everyone's help w/this important info for NH F&G Biologist. I'm working on getting data form to attach to this post.....
Capt. Bobby

Re: Help Winni's LL Salmon 2019

Thank you for posting this Bob! If for some reason you can’t get the attachments to post, log sheets can be requested by emailing winniangler1@gmail.net



Re: Help Winni's LL Salmon 2019


Glad to do anything to help. You know how hurting our Landlock's are in Winni. Been stressful chartering these past few years. I'm going to contact message board folks in morning an ask for help.Luckily I'm able to work w/them, they're Canadian.

FISHLAKEWINNI.COM's not so easy. I've just learned provider doesn't support the code AJ built the site with. I can't edit anything right now. Will need to be building a new website soon...............

Captain Bobby

Re: Help Winni's LL Salmon 2019

Won't be able to post link to Winni Fishing Log. Email winniangler1@gmail.net for form.
Thanks Dan for your help w/this important info For NH F&G Biologist.Capt. Bobby