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7/28 report

Spent a nice morning on the big lake. Three salmon hooked from probably 540-6am then nothing. Landed one on lead core and one on the rigger and one LDR. One female about 23” and a male about 17”. The male looked healthy but the lady dumped a load of eggs when she came aboard. Two hits on the rigger with vertical blades and a ugly orange and chartreuse DB and tandem fly on the lead that was pink and yellow. Virtually no action after that until we picked up a laker changing spots at 70’ down.

Tried some jigging to no avail, and couldn’t really find them stacked like we had hoped. Then went swimming and cruised around for a bit. Great day to be on the water.

And thanks for the reports from everyone else. It helped us dial them in early.

Re: 7/28 report

Thanks for the report - 4 rainbows - 1 laker all on perch fly

Re: 7/28 report

fished saturday. 1 19" bow, 3 small bows, 2 whites, 2 rock bass, and a 12" salmon. riggers at 25 and 30 with blades and mini mooselook and needlefish. leads at 5 and 6 colors with green herron fly and a blood and guts.

Re: 7/28 report

Thanks for the report - 4 rainbows - 1 laker all on perch fly
I found yoy WP and smelt in the little ones gullet. The big one was hurting trying to retake the eggs, nothing in the stomach.

Re: 7/28 report

thanks for the reports!

Re: 7/28 report

Love seeing the reports, we appreciate the support. I'm still finding fish at 25' down on my charters. My spread's using mostly flys. Seeing good amounts of YOY White Perch which I've not seen in basins I fish for several years. They've been all YOY Smelt.

I'm having good luck w/attractor blades off the DR 25' - 50' behind them depending on time of day. Where there's not big numbers of Landlocks we're finding enough to keep clients very happy. The 4 YO Landlocks are very impressive! Starting to play w/some of my custom WP flys, been awhile since I ran those.

Don't give up on Winnipesaukee. We'll have a world class Landlock Salmon fishery back again in a few years! Capt. Bob Wyatt


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