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Sat aug 3

We hit the water at 5:30 this morning

Started with 3 riggers at 30- 40' and 1 lead core 6 colors. Picked up a few lakers (one a real specimen), couple of bows and a nice football salmon about 19- 20". Ditched the one leadcore line about 7am and went with 4 riggers from 35- 55' using all spoons. we picked another bow, 2 small salmon and 4 more lakers. Spoons were mostly dark colors with silver or white belly, best seemed to be pink and white, brown trout, black and purple. Plenty of action today even if we did not land them all it was steady, we fished till 11:30.....good luck

Re: Sat aug 3

Thanks for the report.Lakers looking for action.Planning to go up Tuesday.

Re: Sat aug 3

Nice report! How big was the specimen?

Re: Sat aug 3

Nice report! How big was the specimen?
I am not sure on exact size but he was the biggest fish (salmon or laker) that i have caught on winni.
I would guess 6-8 lbs. Took about 20 minutes to get him in. He put the brakes on and would not budge!!!
A lot of fun!
How big was your laker?

Re: Sat aug 3

That’s a great laker, and a heck of a fight!

I’d guess mine was around 23” with a big ole head, 4lbs probably a bit less. Nice fish for Winni though. There are big giants in there, but you have to weed through a few hundred of the little guys anyways. Not that I’m complaining.