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Wed on Lake Winni

Beautiful day on Winni with one exception. 10 different species of flies ( not fishing flies) filling up the
boat led by the ankle biting housefly. Started at Black Point. Nothing doing.Headed up towards Barndoor where we
took a 20" Salmon on 7 colors of lead.Trolled up along Rattle and got another 22" 4 lb Salmon on a rigger at 50'.
In between caught a Rock Bass and White Perch. Halfway up Rattle ran into Lakers. A 21" and a 23" came into the boat.
Caught 7 Lakers for the day both on lead and riggers. 50' to 80'. Coming down in front of Diamond, both riggers went
off. Both with nice Salmon coming way out of the water. One came off throwing the lure on the second jump.I had the other
one on longer,but he spit the hook at the boat.Good thing they weren't Bluefins. One more Rock Bass ended the day.
Orange/Gold, Orange/White/Gold, Green/Flo, Sutton 61.

Re: Wed on Lake Winni

sounds like a great day. thanks for the report!

Re: Wed on Lake Winni

sounds like a great day. thanks for the report!
X2 sounds like a great day!

Re: Wed on Lake Winni

Those flies are blood sucking and annoying stable flies

Re: Wed on Lake Winni


Buy one of these, I do not go out fishing without this....Especially this time of the year. It’s a fun toy and it kills the flies.