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Sat 8/24

 photo 20190824_072250.jpg

Got to the lake at 530 with my wife. Started to set up my down riggers and I forgot the weights at Home!!! painted all 4 of them last week and left them in the shed, instantly bummed! I wanted to go straight home, my wife said you cant use ANY of THOSE RODS ??? (I had a 6 lead set up and a 4 lead set up and I hate fishing lead core). I said "lets take a boat ride, get breakfast and head home, I cant get deep enough with 4 and 6 colors"..... so I figured what the heck we'll fish the 2 lead cores for an hour or 2 then get breakfast and head home. We were marking a ton of bait at 50' in 70'of water so we just kept running the area, caught a few smallmouth and white perch. About 6:30 we picked up nice salmon that I thought was a laker because he put the brakes on and just sat there worked him to the boat and he finally made his run and put up a good fight. Got him back in the water, worked him a bit and he lumbered down to the deep, glad he made it. The next one wasn't so lucky he was spent and we ended up bringing him back for a friend, he was caught on 4 colors at 7am! the first on was on 6 colors. We caught a few more bass after that, 1 smallmouth was real good size and put up the best fight!!

Glad my wife talked me into staying, we were off the lake at 9 and managed to catch the 2 best salmon of the year for us on winni. Never again will I forget those weights we were marking a ton of fish and bait between 40-60'

Good luck out there!

Re: Sat 8/24

does anybody know how to get the photo bucket tag off of the image?


Re: Sat 8/24

That is a beauty!!

Re: Sat 8/24

Great report.

Dump photobucket and use this site. Very easy to use.


Re: Sat 8/24

I'm hearing you Sully! Use postimage

Re: Sat 8/24

Nice job ilucas and co! Way to stick it out even if you had to fight them on the dreaded LC, better than sitting at home right?!

Re: Sat 8/24

Nice morning on the lake. Better looking fishing partner than Forest.....Ha, Ha


Re: Sat 8/24

HAHA thanks Roger! have you been out at all? It is like a walk in the park when my wife comes out! Forrest has to be put in time out on occasions...lol