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Re: boat for sale

Hope you are not throwing in the towel Ron. I know how well you take care of your equipment. Very tempting

Best of luck whatever your plans are Ron, have not talked in a while...great boat at a great price!!!

Re: boat for sale

Good luck in all your life endeavors!! The Landlocks & Bows will breath a sigh of relief...... ;-)

Re: boat for sale

well this is a surprise! hope everything is ok ron. i don't recall seeing you out there at all this year, but figured you probably fished during the week and took the weekends off to avoid the traffic. hope all is well, and good luck with the sale! -derek

Re: boat for sale

Thanks for the kind words Gents...they mean a lot to me...Been fishing this lake for 60 years...living at Ames Farm for the last 18 ...to walk away from it all is a sad, but practical decision I've pondered for a couple years... I sustained some serious injuries back in 1969 (gunshot wounds) ...I learned how to ignore the discomfort...but the nerve damage has reached a point where it's raising hell with my balance. ( I do not want to go for a dip in April ) so...it's time to saddle-up and get a move on...I'll miss you all and I wish you well Rock & Troll ...over and out

Re: boat for sale

well i'm sorry to hear that ron. i can't imagine how difficult of a decision that must have been for you. a tough one for sure. we wish the absolute best in the next phase of your life! and if you remain in the area, and you get the itch to chase some salmon, you've got an open invitation any time you want to come out. be well, and take care buddy.