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saturdays results 4-22-06 [winni]

Fished winni with an old friend that now in his life wants to get into fishing and has been asking me to take him the past 2 weekends. Started out trolling near Mark island down towards timber island into sauders without a tap. My friend was a little bit of a wise ass as we did not catch anythig right off the bat. So I picked up and moved to middle ground shoal where I knew for a fact I could put him on some lakers. 5 min into the troll whamo a nice 22 inch laker. Ran thru the same hole agian another laker 19 inch. Agian thru the same spot bingo another laker 19 inch he was now smiling ear to ear caught on smelt 35' down in 40 to 45 ft of water. So now I am hearing that I should pull the fly rods I had out and rig for lakers I REFUSED........I explained they were the bonus rods for salmon and as the story goes it proved correct a little 15 inch salmon decided to introduce himself to my friend on a 6 WT fly rod jumping and running all over the place. You could not feel but great that he had his first salmon ever. He was tickled to death and now loved the bonus rods. 15 min later he was now tied between a 22 inch salmon and the same rod. My friend now had his hands full It was great to see him Battle this big female for a good 5 to 8 min I told him just to take his time and let the rod do the work needless to say this female was a tough one. He kept 1-laker and the big fat female salmon. My friend now addicted to salmon fishing and learned about dealing with some patience. Sorry this was so long.......Happy fishing.

Re: saturdays results 4-22-06 [winni]

Another one hooked for life.

Re: saturdays results 4-22-06 [winni]

A post like that is never too long Glad to see a new person introduced to our wonderful sport of Salmon Fishing, Now he's gonna bug ya all the time to go LOL It's a Great feeling seeing someone catch their first Salmon I sure remember how it felt for me and its been the same ever since Take Care God Bless and Tight Lines Dave!!

Re: Re: saturdays results 4-22-06 [winni]

Good story and great to hear. Sounds like you have a new fishing partner!

Re: Re: Re: saturdays results 4-22-06 [winni]

He needs a boat now.

Thanks guys!!