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Tues Salt report........

What a day *****. 5 Stars! Cap't Thomas and I left his slip @ 6:00 a.m. today. Still a little tired from a long day yesterday, but excited about a gorgeous day on the salt. We blew straight out to Jeffries (32 miles)in 50 minutes. No wind and no waves. We saw several whales breeching and blowing on the way out. Thomas picked out one of his hot spots, the jigs went down and the fish started coming up on the first jig. We hit them pretty steady all day until 3:oo p.m. There were Minkies and Humpbacks basking and blowing all around us all day. As CC might say, the lower backs were getting fairly sore, and Thomas is not as young as he used to be. Come to think of it, I'm not either so we decided to make a short day of it. Started heading for home, about 10 minutes later, Thomas spots a couple footballs in front of us. He heads for them and throws the boat in idle. I hand him a med duty spinning rod with a short spoon on it. Thomas cast it out in front of that tuna's nose and let it sink. Before you could blink Thomas yells, "I got him". The next thing he says, is "here you take him". You people can appreciate a master angler with a nice blue fin he just hooked up, handing it off to a rookie. This was the first BFT, I ever had on the end of my line. He was screaming off drag. It took both hands on the rod to keep the tip up and walk around Thomas' 27' CC for the first of at least 30 times. I could get some line back every now and then, particularly when Thomas would drive the boat to him. The rod was always bent over almost double. After about 15 minutes my arms felt like jelly. I hung on for about another 15 minutes chasing that tuna around the boat under Thomas' constant tutelage. Then I handed the rod off to Thomas who eventually gained alot of line back. During the heat of battle, we noticed a lobster buoy looming a short distance away. At that point the tuna had gone down for about the tenth time. Thankfully we avoided all lobster lines. Thomas and I handed the rod off back and forth a couple more times. It was awesome watching that Big Blue Fin circling the boat 15' out on the surface. After a couple more dives and 1 hour and 15 minutes later Thomas horsed him up to the boat. I stabbed at him with the gaff, but he was 1 foot too far from the boat and 1 foot too deep. That same thing happened 20 seconds later and he dived under the boat and BROKE off. We were exhausted & frustrated, but what a battle! Thomas estimated him to be between 60 & 65" long and around 150#. The story is not quite done yet. After a brief rest, we headed for home again. 15 minutes later, we saw these two overpowered boats heading for ME kind of crossing our path maybe 800 or 1000' in front of us. Thomas kind of nosed over that way for a closer look. All of a sudden one of the boats, complete with machine gun in back, spins around towards us. He turns on his blue lights. It did not take Thomas very long to turn away from those boats. Our best guess, is that the coast guard was escorting either George H or W back to Kennebunkport? We backed into the slip on fumes, cleaned up the boat, unloaded the fish & called it a day. I know what I will be dreaming about tonight. ***** Richard

Re: Tues Salt report........

Very exciting report!!! Fish-On,Fish-On,Fish-On.That's what our outdoor heritage's all about! Bobby