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Force 120HP Motor problems

Does anyone know of someone who may have a 1996 Force motor that may be no good or is looking to sell it for parts? I somehow snapped my crankshaft on mine, did it while 30 miles out on the salt, but still made it home without a tow. It snapped just below the fly wheel so the motor got no additional damage, other than the broken shaft.

If anyone has any leads, I would appreciate it!

Re: Force 120HP Motor problems

I'd check out M & M marine salvage in meredith, that guy has more boat parts, motors, lower ends etc... it's not even funny, I'd be willing to be he could help ya out phone number-603-279-5041 Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Force 120HP Motor problems

Thanks Dave,
They were the first ones I called, he didnt have one :-(

I apprecaite the feedback!

Re: Force 120HP Motor problems

Hey Scott, You might want to email Rick@BBW as if memory serves me correctly, he is a mercury dealer. If anyone would know where you could get this part he more then likely would. Take CAre God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Force 120HP Motor problems

You might try Owens Marine in Hooksett they may have some motors they are parting out