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Lake Champlain Fall Salmon Splash

This is something i have been thinking about for some time and now we are going to try and make it a reality.
The biggest obstacles this time of year have been not wanting to compete with or take any participation away from hunting or youth hunting initiatives.
The first event will be an unofficial event just to feel out the whole thing and see what kind of interest we get.
Work is being done right now for an official May spring event complete with sponsors, seminars, youth day and Sunday event.
As I know some of you and that others annually make the trip for the LCI derby, i thought I would try and give the die hard salmon chasers 1 more reason to not store their boats so early.
here is what we have so far.

Location: Converse Bay Boat Launch
Entry fee: $20.00 per angler
Date: November 1st 2009
Back up date: November 8th 2009
Registration: 6am till 6:30am
Start time: 7am
End time: 1pm
Payout: 70% of all registration
20% running cost, better scale, fliers, future permits, future insurance, ect..
10% donated to outdoor education, lifetime licenses, conservation camps, ect..
Species; Salmon/brown trout/steelhead
Size & Limit: 2 fish per angler 18' minimum
Rules: No non event anglers on boat
fish must be hooked and played and brought to boat by 1 angler
Fish can be netted by another event angler only
All participants must be within 50 yards of launch by 1pm sharp
A 1oz per minute penalty will be applied for every minute after 1pm
All fish will be weighed on 1 scale agreed upon by all participants prior to the start of event
First come first serve weigh in at dock
Any unsportsmanlike behavior on the water or at the dock will be automatic disqualification
This is a Fun & Friendly gathering of friends and is not an official event with the promise of monies or prizes and all anglers are fishing at their own risk and for fun only!!!

Re: Lake Champlain Fall Salmon Splash

Shawn is the the boat ramp on the back side of the inland seas?