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Re: Northern On Winnisquam

From the latest KTP report:

Alan and many others are very concerned about recent reports of northern pike being caught from Lake Winnisquam. “These fish were obviously stocked there illegally and because of the size of the fish, in this case an 18-pounder, it had to be some time ago. This is not the first pike caught there either.”
Alan’s concern as well as this writer’s is that these voracious fish now have access to all the Winnipesaukee River downstream from Lake Winnisquam as well as all of the Merrimack River and its tributaries below the Franklin Dam. These waters are both Atlantic salmon spawning areas as well as some great trout fishing waters that will be adversely effected by the invasion of illegally stocked pike.

Re: Northern On Winnisquam

That is very bad news, basically the same thing that happened over on Sebago over in Maine, I say if they ever catch on of these Jerkhead Bucket Biologists they should take away their licenses for life!!!!!! both hunting and fishing, and be forced to pay one Heck of a HUGE fine. Ughhhh Bucket Biologists really fry my butt, How do you think we also got Pike in Jericho lake up in Berlin, Yup exact same way, some moron that thought they would be funny because they enjoy catching pike, without realizing the effect it will have on the local fisheries survival. Ughhhhhhh I'm gonna end here, as it could go on forever on this topic Ughhhhhhh Take CAre God Bless LOL DAve (who prays there is no way they can get into winni?)