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Re: Gathering this weekend

W-fat and myself coming up sat am. Is everyone meeting at browns?Maybe a little fish derby?Just wondering did not make it last year.Big John you are invited to fish with us,I will need help fishing with the curse LOL B-man

Love to join you guys, however I have plans for the day allready, will not be coming to Winni at all this weekend.

Have a good time, lots of fish, fun and food.

Thanks for the invite.

Big John

Re: Gathering this weekend

B-Man....I look forward to meeting you and will certainly be at Shep Brown's early... Last year, I think 20 or more of us were there and more would have made it were it not for the "unreal" level of fog on the Lake that made any navigation without Radar &/or GPS absolutely impossible.

If it is just the two of us, I'm not sure how much "sport" there is in going "mano-a-mano", the very first time we meet....lol

Let's see who else is planning on starting at Shep Brown's or passing through on their way to their fishing grounds... I'm thinking a 6:00 am meeting to accommodate the majority but I'm certainly receptive to something earlier as we usually leave our dock about 5:00.

How about it gang.... who is going to Shep Brown's that morning and what time works for most of you ???

... also to those of you coming from the Southern end of the Lake maybe we can coordinate some radio & cell phone calls to save you a trip that far north if you plan on fishing in the south.

Let's start some commuciation and "firming" of plans.

Who's "out there" and planning on coming to the Fall Gathering Saturday ??


Re: Gathering this weekend

I am coming, as far as I know KoolAid will be meeting me there and joining me aboard the Throbbin Rods. No firm plan yet for time or place.

Re: Gathering this weekend

Had a great time last year and planning to be there with one crewmember aboard the Talewalker. Will also be bringing burgers and dogs and brews. 6 AM at Shep Brown's ?