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1st Bear

My son [the pup] shows up at my work today with his 1st ever bow kill.Watched a 4 pointer coming in and was spoked away by something and a bear came into site.20 yard shot went about 25 yards and was down.1st ever bow kill on anything he was pretty excited about it, 115lbs just a little one but it is a start.Going out tomorrow to see if the 4 pointer is back around.He loves to hunt and fish.I think it is great he could be doing something else!!!! B-man

Re: 1st Bear

Congrats to your son! Bear for a first bow kill, awesome.

Re: 1st Bear

Good job by the Pup, give him a congrats from me,

Big John

Re: 1st Bear

Thats Awesome congrats!!!!

Cool Water

Re: 1st Bear

That is really cool!
Love to hear those stories. Did you get any Pics?

Re: 1st Bear

Awesome! That will be a heck of a memory for his whole life.