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Re: Great year for bear hunting

great job craig congradulations I hope you get the record

Re: Great year for bear hunting

What a bunch of hype... Hahaha.
I now know to stick with my gut feelings until proven wrong. I don't know which scale is wrong, the 500 pound bottomed out scale or the state "certified" scales which were last certified five years ago. But tonights weigh-in showed the bear to be 465 pounds. It may have lost some weight sitting in a cooler for a few days, but no way would it have been over 500 pounds. Apparently my initial guess of 425-450 wasn't too far off. I am kinda bummed right now, because I let all the talk from F&G, the butcher and the current record holder lead me to believe that I was wrong and this bear was much bigger. Oh well, still a great bear and from what they were saying tonight, the head/neck measurements are bigger than the record bear. So, it will make quite an impressive mount. I plan to have a 3/4 mount (front legs and head in a walking closed mouth position) and can't wait to get that back sometime next year probably. Anyone know of a quality bear taxidermist they would recommend? I have had two done in the past and won't return to the different places I've been. Horrible work. Heck one of the bear had a beautiful white v on its chest... the taxidermist did a neck mount instead of a shoulder mount and cut all but the tips of the v off! My cousin tried a different place last year and is now getting the run around this year... not even sure if the taxidermist knows where his hide is at this point. So, definitely looking for some good feedback on a quality shop.
Sorry for all the hype... I should have trusted my feelings on the weight of this bear. Unfortunately I let myself get caught up in the excitement of others.
At least I know what my new goal is... 500 pounds baby. LOL.

Re: Great year for bear hunting

Congrats Slipknot. That is an awsome bear. how come the newest post dont go to the top. Bob called me and told me to look. I know a great taxidermist and very well priced. Give me a call or email and i will set you up. I have had 10 heads done by him in the last 10 years. I have a deer done like the way you want to mount your bear if you want to look at it. 765-9796

Re: Great year for bear hunting


Congratulation on your huge bear. Great photo of you with the animal.

As far as quality taxidermy I would recommend Leon's Taxidermy in Loudon. His number is 783-3394. He is a very detailed in his work. Leon Verville has been a taxidermist all his life. I have mounts that are 20 years old and look as good as the day I picked them up. He is not cheap but you will get a first rate job.


Re: Great year for bear hunting

Ahhhhh good old certified scales (LMAO) gotta love em!!!!! Not so sure I'd beleive those certified scales of the states, I'd go with the butchers scale LOL Either way that is surely one heck of a bear Congrats bud, Take Care God Bless LOL DAve

Re: Great year for bear hunting

Not knowing the logistics of the wait on the weigh in. I guess you have to go with the "official". I find it very hard to believe that beast did not lose weight in a cooler. Also, I would question a scale that is trucked around and not certified for 5 years. Ask Adrien how long the NH bureau of weights and measures allows him to sell fruit and veggies on a 5 year old certification. I remember when it was every year, they had to be certified. It may be every two now, but Adrien could say for sure.

Re: Great year for bear hunting

Those were the exact same feelings I was having. Especially if the butcher also does Pork, Beef etc... if his scale was that far off, how much is he ripping off his customers?????? I also thought that scales had to be certified every year? I'm curious as well Take CAre God Bless LOL Dave Who still says you got a record in my books LOL And god knows you made grandpa smile big time when he was looking down at ya Saying "That's ma boy!!!!!!!"