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Re: Great year for bear hunting

Not knowing the logistics of the wait on the weigh in. I guess you have to go with the "official". I find it very hard to believe that beast did not lose weight in a cooler. Also, I would question a scale that is trucked around and not certified for 5 years. Ask Adrien how long the NH bureau of weights and measures allows him to sell fruit and veggies on a 5 year old certification. I remember when it was every year, they had to be certified. It may be every two now, but Adrien could say for sure.

Re: Great year for bear hunting

Those were the exact same feelings I was having. Especially if the butcher also does Pork, Beef etc... if his scale was that far off, how much is he ripping off his customers?????? I also thought that scales had to be certified every year? I'm curious as well Take CAre God Bless LOL Dave Who still says you got a record in my books LOL And god knows you made grandpa smile big time when he was looking down at ya Saying "That's ma boy!!!!!!!"