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Gathering this Saturday

OK we are all set for the fall gathering. Anyone that knows they will attend please just say Im in to this post! Just to give us a head count! I know a bunch of guys talked about meeting up in the morning at Sheps to fish people can jump on other people's boats if anyone is boatless post something I'm sure somone will have room for you! I will be attending around noon and will talk to everyone on the radio I have a charter!

I plan on having some tasty home brew as well as a little elk and Boar meet...

Lines Tight and Good Fishing....

As discussed, we were looking at Saturday the 19th, thus leaving the last weekend
of the season "open" for those who might wish to seriously fish.

We're thinking really about the same format as last year but would try to set-up the
Food & Cooking off the Kitchen deck of my house and get more of the socializing up
on the lawn and deck and porch and off the beach and mail dock.

Again, we are pretty adapatable but our only fear would be that
"too many" show up.... I'm guessing between the mail dock (if police & MP
do not force anyone to leave..they haven't in the past), our docks, the
neighbors' docks, the beach, maybe some rafting at the docks, the moorings
we should be able to accommodate 25-30 (maybe more) boats. For food if
everyone takes care of themselves "plus" and shares, we should be
fine.....Liquor is purely BYOB....we will probably have extras but everyone
must at least bring their own (& everyone should bring their own ice ...
plenty of it !!!).... Toilets we should be OK for the solid stuff and gals,
but "use of trees" and any boat heads should be encouraged....overnighting
is OK, if everyone is "flexible" ....

Again, any early arrivals that want to come in Friday evening are welcomed
and we should be able to accommodate for dockage, access to the kitchen
and grills and a place to sleep, as described (anyone coming in Friday night
should give Paul or me a call). And of course any that wish to stay Saturday
and fish (or just leave) Sunday are equally welocomed.

I expect most of our beds will be spoken for but swim mats, lounge chairs,
the ability of tenting, and their own boats should accommodate a lot I would
think a lot would want to fish pre-dawn if they are able (I hope to be able to....
but you never know) .....we'll get a few coffee makers going (& hopefully can
accommodate everyone for coffee) but everyone better have a box or two of
donuts in their boats.

That is all I got at the moment ....your thoughts ???

Joe. Home # 542-8474.. Work # 542-0941 ...Paul: Cell # 494-2374 Travis 603-455-0268

Re: Gathering this Saturday

Hi Travis and others... I'm at Bear Island and I got the lines wet this evening for about 2 hours, catching 6 Bass .... If anyone wants that "secret spot" let me know...I will not be there Saturday morning !!

Saturday is shaping up to be a great day and no (or at least, limited) fog is expected !!

It appears the concensus is to meet at Shep Brown's at 6:00 AM to see who shows up and to see what we can "get going"....

Should anyone have any questions, my phone numbers are Bear Island (603) 279-6115 abd Cell (603) 558-1059 or your can private e-mail me to this e-address.

We're looking to see a bunch of you Saturday and, per Travis' request, if you could give us a quick indication of your plans by responding to this "dialog", it would be appreciated.

Looking forward to Saturday !!

Joe & Paul (The Lineman)

Re: Gathering this Saturday

I'll be picking up Hal Lyon at his dock and we will be attending.


Re: Gathering this Saturday

I will be there with my 2 sons and possibly my brother


Re: Gathering this Saturday

I'm planning to be there. Fishing solo so if anyone needs a ride I'm leaving from the 19 Mile Bay area. Email me and I'll get back to you this afternoon. Can take 1-2 guys.
Finaddiction (Dave S.)

Re: Gathering this Saturday

Planning to be there, and last I knew Cody was going to meet me there.
Trhobbin Rods

Re: Gathering this Saturday

Sorry, I won't be there, but everyone have a great time and leave a few fish for some other day.


Re: Gathering this Saturday

Planning on being there with one guest aboard.

Steve Kelley

Re: Gathering this Saturday

Big John will not be attending, still home in Mass. I hope everyone has a great time.

Might be up Sunday on Fishless Squam.

Big John

Re: Gathering this Saturday

Last minute, turns out I will be able to make the gathering around 12:30, can't get up to fish.

Bringing my wifes famous western beans.

Travis will pick me upo at Shep's, I hope..

Big John