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Winnisquam Tactics

I've fished the lake before but never for the cold water species. I'll be out on the water this Saturday (26th) and would like any pointers that will increase my odds of getting on some nice fish.

We'll have a couple small trolling boats equipped with down riggers to work with and the launch site is the south side of the lake off Lower Bay Rd.

1) What part of the lake is most productive this time of year?

2) What lures are currently hot?

3) How deep/fast should we fish?

All help will be greatly appreciated!

- Tight Lines

Re: Winnisquam Tactics

you might want to view monster pike from Cool Water and fish for them it would help the salmon population!!!

Re: Winnisquam Tactics

I'm a catch and release guy at heart but would gladly remove a monster pike if I was lucky enough to land one.


Re: Winnisquam Tactics

The Launch off Lower Bay Rd. is closed. The new state launch near the Laconia Police Station is opened. The fish have been all over the place lately, most taken between 20-40 feet. Good Luck

Re: Winnisquam Tactics

Thanks for the depth info Matt.

Seems like the general consensus is somewhere around 30 ft.

We're fortunate enough to launch from a private site as one of my buddies has one on his property.

Hope to see you out there.

Re: Winnisquam Tactics

This time of year I've done ok where the river enters the lake in 30'-50'depth dragging balls on the bottom with lures just off bottom in the afternoon till sundown.Firetiger,perch pattern or orange needlefish works for me.Good luck!!

Re: Winnisquam Tactics

Great advice.

I'll be sure to let you know of any successes.