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Re: Great Fall Morning! With some Pics...

Nice!! My boat is up for the season but I killed a bear with my bow. deer under the stand and a moose on order!!
Did I mention I GOT A MOOSE PERMIT IN NH !! Bragging rights !!! But I had an awsome year fishing on winni.. don't ask me about Lake "O"....? Keep up the good work, that one fish is a PIG ! !

Re: Great Fall Morning! With some Pics...

Thanks! Wow sounds like we have yet another awesome well rounded outdoorsman in fishing 24/7!!! What zone is your Moose tag???

Re: Great Fall Morning! With some Pics...

I'm in D2... old man of the mountain west of 93, plenty of moose but and a big butt lots of work to get a good one. But.... don't you worrie.... I will make Lake Winni proud!!! I will kick ass and get a good moose !!and I mean any gall dang moose is a good one. Big and brown with nuts its down.....! Next year on Bonners boat I will yap on my storries for hours aaand .... hours!! If Sh ... it was money I am loOOOOOaded. And I luv it !!
Tight lines my friend !!